Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just an update

Well I just wanted to thank all who called, e-mailed me to see if I was okay. I am now, I am feeling so much better now.
The last week I have dug my hands into the suds department, that is I have been makeing Ritual Soaps, Old Fashion good for your skin soaps. No fancy molds or designs yet but I am getting there it will take some time. By the end of the week one should see some of the soaps i been working with. They should be dry and firm enugh for pics.
I am also making Bath salts of all kinds, we will no longer use the glass jars as in our pics they weigh too much for shipping purposes but they will be available for Local customers or those who attend the fairs we vend at.
We will also have ritual kits, Bath Gift sets and more by the end of the month just in time for valentines!
Over the christmass break our tv died it was only 4 years old but been through hell (little fingers pushing buttons). 4 days later of crying, kicking fighting and biting we caved and bought another one. We use the game systems for our music cds which keeps the peace around here, without it, lets say it wasnt calming at all lol.
On Thursday our washer decided to do the old I will fill up but wont agetate anything for you. The moter finnally kicked the bucket. The washer is just 2 years younger then me (28) I was hopping at least 1 more year, now its only a matter of time before the dryer decieds to follow suite. Washing clothes in the bath tub isnt fun thats for certain. No way am I digging for quarters to wash clothes. Just cant fford it right now. I so cant wait until the H&R block time! New beds, New Washer, maybe a couch.
Well back to the old soap grinding (we are hand milling the soap!)
Have a great weekend !