Saturday, September 27, 2008

511 Tactical Outdoors

5.11 Tactical Pants are a great pair for Police. They have many colors and styles to chose from. Plus who can resist free shipping? 5.11 tactical Pants have reinforced seams made of heavy duty fabrics and have many pockets and colors to chose from. They also have a place for your keys! how great is that? To be honest I don't see many Men going and getting a "bag" to put their wallets, keys and other things like their phones into. So these pants might be a great buy for any Guy! Oh did I mention Free shipping?!

Texas Maker fair!

Some of my fellow Texas Team mates will be going to a Maker Fair!
If you are in that area you should stop by and say howdy!
See me at Maker Faire!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fabric Labels

I was searching for labels to sew into the clothing i make, when my hubby suggested I do the fallowing:
Why not use printer transfer paper and a roll of satin ribbon for labels?
I thought Brilliant because it will save me hundreds of dollars!
So I use an address label templet from my printing program. Place in the transfer paper for dark fabrics, and print.
The dark fabric transfer paper doesn't have to be mirrored or reversed image. you just cut and use the parchment paper to iron onto the 1"1/2 wide fabric ribbon.
I space them apart about 1/4 inch so I have space to cut and fold the edge to hand stich it into place. This keeps the edges from fraying or one could use the no frey solution or clear fabric glue let them dry then sew them into or onto your fabric items.
But this is a good way to label my works and dosent cost me an arm and leg.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pagan Magic - Wicca & Witchcraft Shop

I came across this nifty pagan and wiccan website. Now I own an occult metaphysical shop and I have no problems with Promoting others in the business. This is not a paid offer. I felt the need to share this shop and website because lets face it we all can use some help in promoting our business. I am in the process of contacting the owner about doing some card swapping if anything it will help her out as she tries to gain a customer base.
She has everything organized and well thought out. I giver her two thumbs up for doing a great job! Her articles are thought out as well and informative to those who are learning the craft or just need to brush up on some info! Why not visit her and give her some visit support?!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Morey’s Piers

When I was younger I used to remember getting up early and traveling to amusement parks. It wasn't an all of the time thing for us but it was a great thing to do. Traveling for a few hours all excited to get their. As we would pull up into the gates of the parking area one could see the huge rides. When we opened the doors you could here the screams and noise of the park. It was a thrill, still is. I am in my late 20's and I still get excited about going to an amusement park or a water park. I still feel like a small kid waiting forever to get to all the fun.
These days we have the internet to give us all the info we ever need about amusement parks. One in particular is Morey’s They are a great source for those wanting to visit New Jersey. If you are planning a family beach vacation try looking at them first. They have all info on wildwood hotels motels and amusement parks as well as weekly/daily specials. I looked over their site and wished we had something like that when I was a kid, instead of waiting for weeks for brochures or going to every travel agency in town. Staying home to plan a vacation is the best thing ever! Morey's Piers is a great place for a New Jersey vacation.

Promote Swap!

So how many of you out there would like to swap Links? It would work like this:
I place a link on my side menu and then you would link back to me. Its that simple right? Well if you run an online business or even A real world Business why not send me your printed promos for my interested customers? Would mean more looks at what you do. I will either ask you to place my shop URL or I will send you some promo materials for you to pass out to your friends.

Would this be interesting to you? Do you think this might be helpful for someone out their trying to get there business off the ground? If so send them my way I will hook them up!

How would you consolidate debt?

I recently looked over the fallowing website to consolidate debt. We have a few outstanding student loans and needed some options on how to make them go away for ever. They take money every month but don't add it to what we owe. They have taken 25.00 a week for 3 years now. You would figure it would have gone away by now. But they keep telling us its in default.
So I went to looking for any help they could offer. Unfortunately they cant do much more then what is already being done, But I did find their site to be very educational about Credit and other debts. I did find lots of information about borrowing money that never even went on my radar. If you need help getting those bills and payments under control Try Them Out!

Honestly go to theire website and cheek out theire info. With the US ecconamy lately we all can use some help in getting things undercontroll. is the site to look into. If anything there website can give you an idea on how to break down your bills on your own.

Shoulder Pain

I have been experiencing a lot of shoulder pain lately. I wonder if it is the way I have been sleeping. Then again I have a lot of sewing and e-mails to get through it might be a pinched nerve from sitting oddly all day.

Do you have a nagging pain that wont go away? If so why not tell us about it?

The Great Masquerade!

For many Halloween is a great time to dress up and be something or someone you are not. A great way to let an inner personality come forth and play with all your friends. For many it is a great opportunity to through a Masquerade or Halloween party as many call it these days.

Our family dresses up every year, the kids partake in trick or treating for a few hours. Then we all come home and start the festivities. My hubby and I got married 8 years ago on Halloween. We always through a little anniversary/Halloween party. We do the house and yard up it is different every year. While trick or treat'ers come up and get a little fright we are having a nice party going in the background.

For many they find it hard to get a costume and other gear. We recommend the fallowing link for those who can not afford to have a custom made costume halloween costume stores. Some like to mix custom hand made with bought items and this is great mix of both. Just click the link to get some great ideas and useful help on costumes to throwing a nice party!

Monday, September 15, 2008

My Faveriot Mel Brooks movie

This is a really hard one to narrow down, Mel Brooks has so many wonderful, funny and witty movies out there. How can one passably chose just one? I guess Should list them by most favorite to it was ok for me.

My most favorite Mel Brooks movie would have to be Young Frankenstein.
I love Gene Wilder but this was a great film. With Igors hump moving around (not to mention the intreasting Eye) My faveriot scene of the movie was the whole disscusion on how to pronounce the name and in the end how he changed it back.

My next one would be History of The World Part 1 (still waiting for part 2!)

The producers was intreasting.

Spaceballs is another funny faveriot the Soup Special was funny to me.

and I cant rember if Mel Brooks had a hand in The Honeymoon I do know Gene wilder did, but not to sure about Mel.

The ListBuilding Club

I came across this website:The ListBuilding Club, its an online business. It helps you create an online business for yourself. They are offering one month free and then there is a monthly fee. The ListBuilding Club even has a blog but little information is there right now. I am assuming they will be adding more information soon about there program and what it does exactly. You are supposed to create an account and gain access to more tutorials about how to run this business.

They claim they can help you make more money online. I have not seen any success stories or I have been paid articles by them yet. I am keeping my eye out for these things. They are supposed to have introduction videos I have not yet found them. I would try them for the first free month to see if they are what they claim they are. After that it would be up to the individual to keep on it or close down. I have yet to find more information on them, even their website is vague. If anything one should E-mail them directly for more information on how it works before signing up for them.

This was a paid post

After Ike

Well we survived Hurricane Ike. It wasnt as bad as most had thought in our area. In other areas it was horrid from reports. Galvaston is under water, it will take 4 months to get to the center of houston. Lots of power outage and debris. Our power went off at 10:35 on saterday and came back on at 8 pm last night (sunday).

We didnt have any home damage but the burk lodge next door lost its roof. We didnt even lose food this time wich was a sigh of relife here for us. Hubby worked friday to late saterday evening up at the hospital. Only had sunday off and he will be going back to work tonight. I also understand that Houston is under a curfue for a while.

Bad thig about it no school for my doughter she is so upset too. She loves school, she just wants to live theire.

Soon things will be back to normal yay!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Web Hosting Rateing

I came across this website that rated website hosting. I found it to be very interesting and possibly helpful. I am looking for a new service for The Sacred Oaks Website. They Compare Price, Space & Traffic that each company offers.

Looking around their website I also found their article section. It was Very helpful, I even booked marked it for future reading. I found one article to be very interesting. Their article on How Affordable is Cheep Hosting. I found it to be a nice read. If you are like me and looking for a site that is helpful in finding a decent web hosting or if you are just curios about them, give them a visit. Judge for yourself ;)

Hurrican Ike

Well this week has been very interesting. Hurricane Ike is heading for texas and is expected to hit land in hours from now. Yes I live just north East of Houston so it is coming our way. To be honest I dont expect nothing more then rain, and a little wind. Its slightly over casted now but nothing too bad. Its hot and muggy. Goddess is it hot! Its just sticky outside. At this point rain would be relife for us.

I dont even expect the electricity to go out. Our town is full of evacuated people wall mart was bare and all I wanted was some groceries to last us the week, bla we migh have enugh for a few days.

So many people freek out over a little wind and rain. I lived in florida for 9 years and Texas is the worst response time to any rain and wind storm. I so cant wait to move to Massachusets!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Label Maker and School

I see a lot of good Potential for a DYMO Labelmaker. Not only for labeling storage containers for around the house, but for school stuff too. My daughter started Pre-K 2 weeks ago. I can see great uses for one from placing her name on her back pack, lunch box to the inside of her fall jacket.

I also see great things for around the house. We use storage containers of all sizes around her instead of using a permanent marker I could easily print out a label and stick it on the container. Would help with marking Christmas/Yule items to our Favorite Halloween Stuff.

I also run a costuming business so labeling containers correctly is very helpful from grommets to leather tools i could see a big need for one.

Now if only it could answer my e-mails I think I would be in heaven!

Curve Balls and tests

It seams everywhere I go lately I have been getting curve balls. I hadnt updated in such a long time here. Let me give you the skinny of whats been going on.
We have two new room mates.
I went to houston about 2 weeks ago for my sons autism evaluation. They did declare him with autism and wanted his speech, physical and OT uped a lot.
He is supposed to have liquid vitamins but no one in my town carries them.
We have been sick for about a week here due to my daughters first year in school.
She is loving PreK and so am I!
Since she started she has been fallowing directions, rules and been behaving a little better. Ok for School anyways as soon as she gets home its same old daughter the evil side lol.
Lets see I have been running my etsy team almost by myself but now have a great staff to fill in all positions to help make things run smoother. So yay something is going ok.
I still havent gotten my dreamweaver to run and adobe isnt helping much. I have been looking for free programs out theire I can use but hadnt found one yet. I will make a post about which ones work for me and others that should be for techy people ;)

If anyone has a suggestion on a program please feel free to let me know about it.

Moore will come soon!