Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bussness is so slow lately!

My business has been so slow lately. I hadn't sold anything in 3 months. Maybe it's time to take all new pics and editing them all. At this point I will be happy if i can sell an order of incense or two. I have been so busy with the hubbys new work schedules and getting the kids to adjust, that I hadnt had time to promote my own business. I hope Things calm down soon thats for sure. I really dont like hubbys new work schedule's. He works nights/ grave yards now and I bearly see him any more. Neither do the kids. Its just not cool thats for sure. Yes he is making a little more then his old job, yes theirs are full health. life and dental benifets but is it realy worth it if you dont get to enjoy your family? Thats why we tried so very hard to get our shop open to have our own hours, to be with the ones we care about. But unfortunitly we are not their yet. I am so worn out and tired. Well I need to put the fighting kids to bed.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Add Spark To Your Blog!

I joined SocialSpark a few weeks back maybe 3. I have met a lot of interesting people including advertisers. SocialSpark is a unique Pay To Blog program. Its a social network where you can create a profile, friend others, vote on other blogs which they called Props.
Once joining SocialSpark you create your profile like on most social networks but it isn't as detailed. You add in your blog or blogs that you maintain. Wait for the blogs to be approved this can be a long wait as their are a lot of people who joined recently. When I joined about a month ago the waiting time was about two weeks since then it went up. Which keeps Customer Love really busy. I believe it is worth the wait because during this time you can take the free spark offers.
Free Sparks are offers that other bloggers or advertisers create. These are really great because you can get links back to your blog, or get a blog U back. Some Spark Offers are about helping to find other people, spread the word about certain illnesses and helpful to the community posts. I think SocialSpark is a wonderful place as I meet people and look through their blogs I have discovered things that I normally would have not noticed. Things that really make us human things that make you realize that You are not alone.
SocialSpark Code of Ethics:

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

Social Spark is a great way to meet other bloggers, advertisers and to find opportunities that fit in with your style, life and what makes you passionate. If you like to blog and like to make a little extra then Social Spark is the hot place you should be at!

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Online Programs That Pay!

If your like me and need something that help pays for extra things or even some seed money for your bussness then you should read this post! Back in January I joined a online program called PayPerPost. Since I have joined I have been paid 2 times, I havn't been real lucky with catching opurtunities due to hectic life but I do think its wonderful one. How it works advertisers ask bloggers to blog about their websites and products bloggers chose which ones to take do them and if they are approved they get paid. They also have a great referal program each person that gets someone to sign up gets $15.00 once the new posties blog has been approved.
Blog requirements:
Must be at least 30 days old with at least 10 posts in it. More is better!
The blog can not be on one of those sites that pay to use them like Yuiew (or other such sites).
The blog must have original posts in it.
If this is something that apeals to you then one should join it!

If your an advertiser and looking to have your site or items bloged about to help creat buzz then you would be intreasted in their Advertising program!

Paid to read and click sites:
Thiere are alot of scame sites out their or should we say dishonest ones. But theire are plenty of honest paying ones as well I am in 3 that are realy good sites. One has a new owner who is paying off the debt that the previous owner had gotten themselves into buy spending the money and not paying its members.
Extraodinary Mails

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dragonfly Poems

A few days ago I had created my first social spark. I had asked people to blog about our shop. They had a choice to blog about our etsy shop or our online website. So far we had one taker and as I promised I would blog about them.
Dragonfly Poems: This is the blog for the custom poems service. The writer summerbrieeze is quite talented. I don't have a poetic bone in me, but her poems are very pretty and very moving. I recommend my readers to visit her blog and read about her wonderful services. Even leave her a comment or two ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A bla kinda day

Today started as a dark day. Then about 9 am the earth shook from the lightning (ok our house did). Then the sky opened up and let the flooding begain. It started very heavy theire was no visability what so ever, thank fuly none of us had to go any where. It continued this heavy down poor for 3 hours straight, then went to a medium drizzal. It continued like this for 2 hours then it went to a very light myst which is what it is still doing. So today has been a day of "I don't want to". Kids have been cooped up all day and have so much enerygy to use that they are fighting with each other. Its about ankel- mid calf deep out side right now. In a day it will all dry up. Texas sunshine/death heat for ya. The plants will be double in size by thursday becuse of the good soakin. Which Means sage will be almost ready to pick and start drying for the all so wonderful sage wands! I cant wait for it!
My Doughter keeps telling us she is a vamire (she means Vampire) and she is going to turn us all undead lol. I dont know where she gets it but she has a wonderful imagination. One day she is a princess, and 2 hours later she is "dying". She also practices her evil laugh. She will be on stage one day i just know it with all of her drama theatrics it would be a wast of raw tallent if she didnt persu it. But no matter she will be wonderful at what ever she does.
My Son finnally has an appointment to the Myers clinic! Yay he will be tested for autisum and we will know exactly whats going on with his brain, if its not autisum then We will have to start all over and hopefully we will find out what is his developing problems before Kindergarden.
Well enterprise is on I gots to go to watch and knit!

Monday, June 9, 2008

5.11 Tactical Shorts

LA Police Gear has these great tactical shorts. 5.11 Tactical Shorts are special purpose-built shorts designed to carry bulky items and remain durable. The shorts has double fabric in the seat and thirty-six bartacks (reinforcement stitching) at stress points for superior strength. These shorts have three types: 5.11 Tactical Shorts, 5.11 Tactical Series Academy, & 5.11 Tactical Nylon Shorts. These shorts have a clip on the waist band for your keys. They also have plenty of pockets to hold your phone and other important gear. Did I mentioned Free Shipping Both Ways? So cheek them out by clicking the fallowing link!
5.11 Tactical Shorts

Free Website Submission and promotion.

Ok Here lately I have been going around trying to find free places to submit my main website to get traffic and passable sells as well. I am kinda hurting for some work right now so its all been about advertising, advertising and getting my sight out their. Its a lot of work! I mean it takes up as much time as creating the things we make and the kids! I can barely find time to Advertise so I just do a little at a time. Well thankfully I started a newsletter sign up on my main website maybe that will help with stuff.
Well looking at the offers on Social Spark (if you haven't joined do so now its awesome!), I came across a new site and I do mean a new site for signing up your website. Its free so why not join it?
Its called Refresh Gallery Portal and their is only few sites in it. So I am going to jump on the ban wagon and sign up. Yall should too if you are wanting your sites in a place that can have room to grow and get you lots of traffic. If anything help spread the word about it!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Listed on Etsy!

We had no luck on our auction, so now I had to list it on Etsy. Come by and visit it :)

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Help Tyler Find a Cure

I came across this in a social spark, I Just felt the need to do what I can to spread the word about it. Tyler is a little boy who was struck with Dystonia. A rare desies that affects the body with shakes pains and so much more. I personally know very little of the illness and now I am on the road to learn more. My own son is stricken with something, Autism and i know how it feels as a parent to want to know and do everything you can to help your child. No one wants to see their child in any pain or discomfort. Together we can shed light on this. Join me in spreading the word about this little boys illness.
Visit the website they have started for him in trying to raise money, awareness and a cure for this disies!

Night time Chat

So last night I was doing the mom thing with the kids. Playing and what not while the hubby was coiling wire for chain mailie. We get a phone call its rare we get those in the evenings. Hubby answered and handed it over. It was my sister! Yay I hadnt talked to her in quite some time. Well unfortunately she only calls when something bad happens and dosent bother to answer e-mails. Well she was telling me that our dad was in an Austin hospital and was in a car accident. His right leg was crushed. He has a Titanium hip on the right side so I can only imagine the mess they will find. He probably might lose that leg completely if memory serves me right he didnt recover to well the first time he had bone problems. Hence why he has an artificial hip. Oh well it isnt like we are close or anything. He and I haven't talked in 4 years (the age of my oldest)
I just couldnt talk to him anymore not with all the lies he was saying about me and my hubby. So I decided that the father I had known had passed away and all that was left was a heartless shell walking around trying to make everything about poor him. What ever dude theire are more people on this earth then your ego. People like that disgust me talking only about themselves and how it reflects upon them. Please get a life that isnt about self pity and lets make our oldest irrated to the point where she is forced to keep her kids away from someone that says that thire daddy is no good in theire eyes. Yep I feel better!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I came across this nifty little blog today called VampAmber's Clutter. Her friend used to host her site, apparently an accident had happened and her blog and related pages were deleted. So she has to start from scratch on a new site. She has some really funny content that she finds. All in all its a great blog to visit so why not drop by and tell her Willow sent ya ;)

Daddy and the Kids!

The hubby has had a few days off now and has spent all of it with the kids. The kids Love it as so do I, this means tons of work that I had piled up is now getting done! From small paperwork to big sewing projects. The house is slowly getting straiten up and the kids go to sleep with big grins on their faces. I can make dinner without the kids in the way as well as knowing they are having a great time. Dads are so cool and my hubby is really great for keeping them out of my hair. Plus the yard work is being cought up ;)

Help find missing 20 year old Susan Gabrielle Elmore Burns.

I came across this article and felt the need to pass this information on to my Readers (you). Yes lets all try to do something even if it's passing the information on to our friends and family.

Susan Gabrielle Elmore Burns (Gabby) has been missing since February 25, 2008. Susan Elmore has dark brown hair and eyes. She weighs 115 pounds and is 5'4. Susan Elmore was last seen with a wanted violent sex offender Keith Lee Burns in Columbus, Texas.

Yes, she is an adult and went with Burns willingly, but she is bi-polar with learning disabilities. I spoke with her mother and she said that Gabby has the mind of a 12 year old most of the time and has trouble with judgment.

The problem lies in that the police cannot do but so much because she went willingly and it is physical age they go by, not mental age. The media cannot do much because the local police have not put Susan in the Missing Children or Missing Adults databases.

However, according to Suzanne's Law passed in 2003, a 19-21 year old has to be added to NCIC database when they are reported missing. It is all part of the Protect Act of 2003. She has been added, but she is not listed on the missing adults' or children's sites. She is in limbo.

For updated information, visit Help Find Our Daughter Susan G Elmore - Burns.

Lets all send them good vibes!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Corset Auction

I just listed a One Of A Kind Up-Cycled Corset auction. Click here to have a look!
Goth Auctions is a free auction site, free to buy, sell and create an account!