Monday, June 23, 2008

Online Programs That Pay!

If your like me and need something that help pays for extra things or even some seed money for your bussness then you should read this post! Back in January I joined a online program called PayPerPost. Since I have joined I have been paid 2 times, I havn't been real lucky with catching opurtunities due to hectic life but I do think its wonderful one. How it works advertisers ask bloggers to blog about their websites and products bloggers chose which ones to take do them and if they are approved they get paid. They also have a great referal program each person that gets someone to sign up gets $15.00 once the new posties blog has been approved.
Blog requirements:
Must be at least 30 days old with at least 10 posts in it. More is better!
The blog can not be on one of those sites that pay to use them like Yuiew (or other such sites).
The blog must have original posts in it.
If this is something that apeals to you then one should join it!

If your an advertiser and looking to have your site or items bloged about to help creat buzz then you would be intreasted in their Advertising program!

Paid to read and click sites:
Thiere are alot of scame sites out their or should we say dishonest ones. But theire are plenty of honest paying ones as well I am in 3 that are realy good sites. One has a new owner who is paying off the debt that the previous owner had gotten themselves into buy spending the money and not paying its members.
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