Monday, June 9, 2008

Free Website Submission and promotion.

Ok Here lately I have been going around trying to find free places to submit my main website to get traffic and passable sells as well. I am kinda hurting for some work right now so its all been about advertising, advertising and getting my sight out their. Its a lot of work! I mean it takes up as much time as creating the things we make and the kids! I can barely find time to Advertise so I just do a little at a time. Well thankfully I started a newsletter sign up on my main website maybe that will help with stuff.
Well looking at the offers on Social Spark (if you haven't joined do so now its awesome!), I came across a new site and I do mean a new site for signing up your website. Its free so why not join it?
Its called Refresh Gallery Portal and their is only few sites in it. So I am going to jump on the ban wagon and sign up. Yall should too if you are wanting your sites in a place that can have room to grow and get you lots of traffic. If anything help spread the word about it!


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Hi Willow.
Thanks for the great post. I am keep searching for the free submission website. For traffic and sales.
And my website are listed there, while they requirements for submission quite strict.