Friday, June 6, 2008

Night time Chat

So last night I was doing the mom thing with the kids. Playing and what not while the hubby was coiling wire for chain mailie. We get a phone call its rare we get those in the evenings. Hubby answered and handed it over. It was my sister! Yay I hadnt talked to her in quite some time. Well unfortunately she only calls when something bad happens and dosent bother to answer e-mails. Well she was telling me that our dad was in an Austin hospital and was in a car accident. His right leg was crushed. He has a Titanium hip on the right side so I can only imagine the mess they will find. He probably might lose that leg completely if memory serves me right he didnt recover to well the first time he had bone problems. Hence why he has an artificial hip. Oh well it isnt like we are close or anything. He and I haven't talked in 4 years (the age of my oldest)
I just couldnt talk to him anymore not with all the lies he was saying about me and my hubby. So I decided that the father I had known had passed away and all that was left was a heartless shell walking around trying to make everything about poor him. What ever dude theire are more people on this earth then your ego. People like that disgust me talking only about themselves and how it reflects upon them. Please get a life that isnt about self pity and lets make our oldest irrated to the point where she is forced to keep her kids away from someone that says that thire daddy is no good in theire eyes. Yep I feel better!