Friday, March 28, 2008


Why do kids make it hard?
They love not paying attention and cant understand why we get frustrated. I suppose its because we have been trained to be so. I try to take the different rout, the gental and calm way. But sometimes even I slip up and become that frustrated parent. I think its because we cant rember who it felt to be little and pushing the boundaries of our parents. I know teenagers push and some don't even realize thats what they are doing. It's hard for a parent to be dependent for everything to go to I can do it myself independent child.
I love how independent my kids are becoming but I find it hard to adjust to being their 24 hours for everything to every now and then. I will get the hang of it, i just need some time ;) Have you ever gone through a troubling life alternating experience? If so why not share it, I am sure others would be relived to know they are not alone in such things.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why I do the things I do!

I do the things i do because i love to. One person told me that I have way to many projects going on on top of my kids. Well i do these projects to help my kids. I am active in their daily life, I spend lots of time with them. I might spend most of my time late at night on my projects and i don't do them all at once.
I do have many started right now and it is all chaos but once things settle down it will be really easy to update and keep them going. Its always chaos in the beginning but it evens and calms down some as time goes by. Honestly I strive for pressure and stress. I recently joined for PayPerPost, and my blog has now been approved for them.
The reason I joined it is because well I love to type or blog as others say about things. Personally I don't have a lot to blog about in my life so I need to add other things to help get me to blog. And who could resists the fact of getting paid to do it? I couldn't resist, I could use the extra money. Especially for my sons special Gluten Free foods, it isn't cheep thats for sure.
My son struggles with Autism and the Gluten Free diet has helped with some of his behaviors. He is more social then he was but still doesn't like crowds. I hope to meet some intreasting people during this new job venture. It isn't really about the money its about meeting people and finding the right things to write about. I enjoy talking about things.
I have already been paid by PayPerPost a friend signed up using the button on the left once her blog was approved i received $15.00! How cool was that! and Everyone has a chance to earn some money by bloging about what I blog about by using the special buttons in the post. Like the one at the bottom of this one.
Its a win win situation! what are you waiting for? This is the greatest way to earn money make friends and enjoy doing the things you love!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hmm not very wanted ;)

This test is supposed to tell you how wanted your site is. The code has been very strange lately. Sometimes it will load and sometimes it wont. I took this test at the same place for all the other tests I took. The Html code is supposed to show a wanted poster from the old west. It has your sights name on it and then generates a poster with a cash reward and what the crime is supposed to be. Let me know if this test is not showing up for you.



What's Your Blog Wanted For?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

comic of the day

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Out of Curiosity

Ever wondered who was linking to you? Well with this free widget you can find out!

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Thanks Aly ;)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back Burnner Idea

I have been playing with the idea of starting a magazine. I havent given it much thought, its just something that sneaks out from time to time. So maybe blogging about it will help me forget about it. It would be a cross between several things Pagan/Wiccan Goths or alternative Life styles and Renaissance and Medieval stuff. Big range no focus on it. But their are already so many magazines out their about Goths, Alternative Lifestyles, Medieval, Renaissance and pagan and wiccan. So if I were to do one what would be in it? What would I like seen done to it? These are only a few things I havent thought about. What about a staff? Would I need one? What about adds? How much should I sell them for? Printing would I do it in Black and White or color? These are just some of the gnawing things I need to figure out. But first things first I need to finish some of my other writing projects. Oh well as I said a back burner idea. And every name I think of I have googled for and apparently those names are taken. So its been tricky to come up with an Original Name.