Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Oh Wow

Have you ever had an "Oh Wow" moment? I have and it was yesterday. On Friday I got ill nothing major just congestion and a headache. Over the weeken full blown fevers (multaple ones) Sore throught ear infection. I am still feeling bad Conjestion and now Pink Eye with the ear infection (meds are being slow this time!). well on saterday i get a message from my mom about my Great Aunt Lue. She was and is dying. Very frail very pale, her heart has stoped so many times I think there should be a world record for it. well my mom calls me back on tuesday and tells me that Aunt Lue isnt in a hospice or hospital its family takeing care of her. She said there is about 30 members there helping in shifts of four. One member is a Nurse and is the only one allowed to give the morphine. It has to be done on a cotton swabe and rubed on the inside of her cheek. to mositen her lips they use a cotton ball. Her system shut down basickly last week. She hasnt eaten or drink anything in 8 days. Everyone piches in in changing her bedding turning her bathing her body and to make sure she dosnt get those bed sores. She only is about 87 and everyone holds there breath when her heart stops. Some ask "Is it happing this time?" Its nothing odd about it everyone wants her to go in peace and for her to know that we all love her. Shes holding on for some reason. She cant talk and i think its been like that for a long time now. If I rember Aunt Lue had a stroke not long ago I can't rember so much has gone on. What really stinks is I cant say my goodbuys and I am only a few hours drive from her. Even if i go I am ill and contagues and then i would never here the end of it. But my "Oh Wow" moment was how my mom described how the family got together and is takeing care of her. Most would assume to place some one in that condition into a hospice or hospital. My other great aunts and uncles are afraid thats will happen to them when its there turn. Hospitals and the hospices are the impersonal way to go. Its like telling them you dont love them enught to keep there death in degnifying way.
Personaly no death is dignifying, its a hard complicated nightmear but I would like to think I would be one to help take care of a family member first before some stranger does (or in some cases does not).
In any case Great Aunt Lue your life will not be forgotten it will continue through us all, and I am Honerd and privlaged to have you as my Great aunt. May you find peace in your afterlife and fear not your darling husband is being well cared for by all of us.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Birthday Party

My daughter celebrated her 5th birthday not long ago. We made Invites, she picked out the activities and decorations. Hubby and I put it all together, and went to our local park. The party was supposed to start at 3, None of her classmates showed up. the only person that did show up was her grandpa. After an hour of waiting around blowing bubbles eating snow cones we packed up and took the party home. Played with snow cones, ate cake, watched her dance around and be silly. We also had planned an egg hunt with 3 prize eggs winners would have gotten 3 different sized chaco bunnies (they were yummy we ate them!).