Saturday, May 31, 2008

My hubbys Shorts!

My hubby doesn't wear shorts oftain, mostly because of the line of work he does. But when he does he wears them out really fast. I even tried making him a pair of shorts but they didn't last long. We tried cut off jeans but the crotch is the first to go out. So I have been surfing the net for a pair of sturdy shorts that would last longer then a few months.
After much searching I believe I have found them! Of all places its a online store for Police Gear. So looking through it I was very happy with what I was reading. The price is a little scary but after thinking about it it is reasonable for the type of fabric and the durability of the stitching. So I plan to get him a pair very soon! The Name of the shorts is called 5.11 Tactical Shorts.
LA Police Gear has these great tactical shorts. 5.11 Tactical Shorts are special purpose-built shorts designed to carry bulky items and remain durable. The shorts has double fabric in the seat and thirty-six bartacks (reinforcement stitching) at stress points for superior strength. These shorts have three types: 5.11 Tactical Shorts, 5.11 Tactical Series Academy, & 5.11 Tactical Nylon Shorts. These shorts have a clip on the waist band for your keys. They also have plenty of pockets to hold your phone and other important gear. Did I mentioned Free Shipping Both Ways? So cheek them out by clicking the fallowing link!
5.11 Tactical Shorts
Yes I believe I will be purchasing these shorts as soon as our supplement cheek comes in!

Victorian Jacket Auction

Thats right our first auction in months! We are auctioning off the Victorian Jacket that we made for a customer. Dont worrie she has a nice new one that she is satisfied with.
Click Here to visit our Auction!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

PayPer Post

Payperpost did pay me 2 now. First time for my refurls second time for the blog posts. Honestly This is one of the best programs so far that I have encountered. No more nickle and dime on pay to read websights. Those are honestly a wast of my precious time. I rather get paid to type up something then have to click on some ad. But to each their own I suppose ;) If you like to blog then this is for you! Just click the badge on the side to go to PayPerPost and sighn up.
Your Blog must be 30 days old with at least 10 posts in it.

Happy blogging and have a great time earning some money!