Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A bla kinda day

Today started as a dark day. Then about 9 am the earth shook from the lightning (ok our house did). Then the sky opened up and let the flooding begain. It started very heavy theire was no visability what so ever, thank fuly none of us had to go any where. It continued this heavy down poor for 3 hours straight, then went to a medium drizzal. It continued like this for 2 hours then it went to a very light myst which is what it is still doing. So today has been a day of "I don't want to". Kids have been cooped up all day and have so much enerygy to use that they are fighting with each other. Its about ankel- mid calf deep out side right now. In a day it will all dry up. Texas sunshine/death heat for ya. The plants will be double in size by thursday becuse of the good soakin. Which Means sage will be almost ready to pick and start drying for the all so wonderful sage wands! I cant wait for it!
My Doughter keeps telling us she is a vamire (she means Vampire) and she is going to turn us all undead lol. I dont know where she gets it but she has a wonderful imagination. One day she is a princess, and 2 hours later she is "dying". She also practices her evil laugh. She will be on stage one day i just know it with all of her drama theatrics it would be a wast of raw tallent if she didnt persu it. But no matter she will be wonderful at what ever she does.
My Son finnally has an appointment to the Myers clinic! Yay he will be tested for autisum and we will know exactly whats going on with his brain, if its not autisum then We will have to start all over and hopefully we will find out what is his developing problems before Kindergarden.
Well enterprise is on I gots to go to watch and knit!