Thursday, June 5, 2008

Help find missing 20 year old Susan Gabrielle Elmore Burns.

I came across this article and felt the need to pass this information on to my Readers (you). Yes lets all try to do something even if it's passing the information on to our friends and family.

Susan Gabrielle Elmore Burns (Gabby) has been missing since February 25, 2008. Susan Elmore has dark brown hair and eyes. She weighs 115 pounds and is 5'4. Susan Elmore was last seen with a wanted violent sex offender Keith Lee Burns in Columbus, Texas.

Yes, she is an adult and went with Burns willingly, but she is bi-polar with learning disabilities. I spoke with her mother and she said that Gabby has the mind of a 12 year old most of the time and has trouble with judgment.

The problem lies in that the police cannot do but so much because she went willingly and it is physical age they go by, not mental age. The media cannot do much because the local police have not put Susan in the Missing Children or Missing Adults databases.

However, according to Suzanne's Law passed in 2003, a 19-21 year old has to be added to NCIC database when they are reported missing. It is all part of the Protect Act of 2003. She has been added, but she is not listed on the missing adults' or children's sites. She is in limbo.

For updated information, visit Help Find Our Daughter Susan G Elmore - Burns.

Lets all send them good vibes!