Monday, September 8, 2008

Curve Balls and tests

It seams everywhere I go lately I have been getting curve balls. I hadnt updated in such a long time here. Let me give you the skinny of whats been going on.
We have two new room mates.
I went to houston about 2 weeks ago for my sons autism evaluation. They did declare him with autism and wanted his speech, physical and OT uped a lot.
He is supposed to have liquid vitamins but no one in my town carries them.
We have been sick for about a week here due to my daughters first year in school.
She is loving PreK and so am I!
Since she started she has been fallowing directions, rules and been behaving a little better. Ok for School anyways as soon as she gets home its same old daughter the evil side lol.
Lets see I have been running my etsy team almost by myself but now have a great staff to fill in all positions to help make things run smoother. So yay something is going ok.
I still havent gotten my dreamweaver to run and adobe isnt helping much. I have been looking for free programs out theire I can use but hadnt found one yet. I will make a post about which ones work for me and others that should be for techy people ;)

If anyone has a suggestion on a program please feel free to let me know about it.

Moore will come soon!