Monday, August 11, 2008

A System Crash!

Saturday Night I was cheeking e-mails, when all of a sudden my comp reboots on its own. I get past my first password screen then it loaded to a black screen. There was only one sentence upon this black screen.

System error can not find operating system.

WTF? I was thinking to myself. So I went onto DH comp and did a search for this sentence to see if anyone else had ever experienced what I did. Sure enough it is a common thing. My Hard drive wiped itself out somehow. Good thing I had majority of my other info stored in my slave drives (I have 2!). So I reloaded my operating system copied over some of my documents. Reloaded in some other programs I use religiously. Then It downs on me, I no longer have the original packaging for my dreamweaver web editor. after 4 moves it was lost to us. So that means I no longer have the product code, which also means I am up a creek without a paddle! I called Adobe about it, apparently they cant help me because I no longer have proof of purchase on it. Its been 4 years like I could read the recpt now if i had it!

They told me I would have to buy a new version which would cost close to $500.00! I nearly fainted over that. I told them I am happy with the version I have I just need access to it. They told me they couldn't help and the conversation ended. Bla what a great week I am having!


Beat Black said...

that same thing happened to me just a couple weeks ago, only I completely lost most of my files. It was such a frustrating day!!

Too bad to hear about Adobe. You can always download a new key :)
you bought the original so you don't even have to feel like a criminal, lol

Thanks for the blog award. you rock!

onangelwings said...

Aaaagghhhhh that sucks.

What the hell?

I hope your week gets better.

Love the colors on your blog. My add looks beautiful on here. Thanks for running my Encard