Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Month new look and Changes

Many may have noticed the new look here on my blog. I was so ready for a new look (well to me anyways). I am still looking for a 3 column templet in a medieval renaissance fairy elvish look and feel. Maybe something with willow trees?

Its august yea! why am I excited? well my 4 year old is starting school this month Yea! means a whole day to create and work with my 2 year old without sissy pushing biting scramming and such. I try to give equal attention but its hard when your 2 year old faces autism and no verbal skills. This way I know she will be in an environment with kids her own age, have fun playing in paint and such without brother coming along and snatching her stuff. Its a good thing ;) Dont worry brother will be going in a few months after he turns 3 for half a day! woot mornings to me self, well almost.

With all these new changes a huge one is coming along in a week. In one week there will be a roommate and her wee one. her wee one is about 4 months old (maybe older cant keep up). There goes the peace and quite I was looking for but hey its all good ;)So in order to make room for these two we are doing a total house rearranging. Today I start in my utility craft room. I will be rearrange things in there to make room for my shipping supplies, and store hubbys tattoo stuff and all the oils, candles and other shop items. Tonight I plan to conquer my room to make room for the computer desks, and office works. We still dont know where our sward and alter and book collections will go to. We had decided it would be easier if the two shared a room instead of placing another kid in my kids room which there is no room for them in there.Over the weekend will be furniture moving so yea i am going to be one tired person.

Every night I have been weaving circlets for my etsy shop well only 3 will be for sale while the other will be for examples of color combination. Great thing is they only take one hour to make from cut to finish. I am so taking a knitting break i just cant focus on it right now.

I am so ready for a nap and new glasses!


Patricia Rockwell said...

You have a lot of changes in the works. Best of luck to you and take it easy!