Thursday, July 31, 2008

Life, Kids and Knitting!

Life can really through you a curve ball sometimes! There I was knitting on a pair of Opera gloves (the same pair for a month now!) and my doughtier really did the funniest thing ever. She turned to me and in a very adult manner "Mommy did you know people are weird!" and then she ran off before I could say anything (i was a little taken by the statement and I really didnt have anything to say). Then I found myself laughing over it, she came running and being chased by her brother , stopped looked at me "Mommy it wasnt that funny" and ran off again. I just chuckled some more because she is only 4!

on my knitting note I should have pics of the gloves within a few weeks, they are taking far longer hen expected and I so need to take a few days off from knitting them. size 3 knitting needles are tiny! the yearn is tiny too lol, ugh such work for a pair of arm length gloves!

Oh well who ever gets them will be happy with them!


EilaTalks said...

Hi! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog. I too like reading your entries and you have no idea how amazed I am at your knitting. I never can knit anything at all. Do visit whenever you can, keep blogging and good luck in everything you do....