Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Coffee, kids, and wild imagination

The more sleep I lose the more caffeine I need to be able to keep up with the kids. I cut it off about noon. But I am having hard times sleeping at night. Most of it is due to hubbys new job. He works 3rd shift at our local hospital and it drives me nuts. I am havening a hard time relaxing at nite to be able to fall asleep. I keep imagining weird things. For example last night I kept hearing someone walking around in the house. I looked and no one was their. I haven't ruled out the possibility of an after life being. I believe in such things, but why wait 2 years before making itself known to me? Maybe its because of my lack of being comfortable state that I am now noticing it. Before I could dismiss it because I always assumed it was hubby walking around. He had always came in about an hour or two after I went to bed. Now He doesn't get home until 6:30 am and I only sleep about 4 hours a night now. Most of it is tossing and turning in bed. I just don't want to get up. So first thing in the morning I make coffee, kids breakfasts and then start my first cup. By noon I have dranked the whole pot of coffee and I am good to go. I had figured by 11 pm i would be exhausted enough to sleep. I lay there for about another 2 hours then drift off and only to be awaken every hour for about 30 minutes. Today I have decided 2 cups and let myself drag about. I might go do some knitting today to help me relax even more. But I seriously doubt it will be a good night for me.