Friday, July 11, 2008

Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Recently Zenni Optical was featured on Fox news in the Deal or Dud section. I went to cheek out the report for myself. The report didn't load up correctly for me but I did get most of what they were talking about. They tried out with two different types of glasses strength. The mom of the try out was a little disappointed in the frames for her son. She claimed the color was off from what was online and the ear pieces hooked too much around the ear. Her daughters were fine. She also had the sons cheeked with an obstratition for prescription strength and they said it was perfect. The only 2 problems was the puplary distance and the lenses were too thick making them heavy which wasn't necessary. You can cheek out their report Zenni on Fox and make your own decision.

My personal experience with was pretty good. As I mentioned a while back we had ordered a pair of bifocals for my husband. We had problems reading the prescription because of the Doctors penmanship. It was bad and sloppy writing. We had gone to Wal-Mart and had the eye place give us a puplarity measurement. They were more then happy to measure it for us. We went to the site and placed our order Bifocals take longer to get here. It took close to a month before they got here. Once They did get here they were perfect. Shape size prescription and pupal measurement. We hadn't had a problem and I am so grateful we used them. Bifocals start at $400.00 a pair and ours only cost $85.00 plus shipping and handling. I believe they are worth the wait because in the long run they save us a lot of time and money and thats something we all need to save on! Don't take my word for it try and make your own decision about them.

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