Friday, July 25, 2008

Bills IQ

If you are like me and need Debt help then this Post might be very helpful to you. I just recently took the Bills IQ test. At first glance this test didn't seam like it would be helpful but as I answered their simple questions, it made me think of things that I never thought about. For instance have you thought about Life Insurance? Or about a collage fund for your kids? We have thought about some of this here in our home, but never have acted on it. For one thing our bills out weigh our income. Between collage loans, credit bills that went into default and a cell phone bill that went to a collection agency, its hard to mange money you really dont have.

I scored a 75 on it a C so to speak. But after thinking about it their little test was to vague for me. It left too many grey areas for instance it didnt ask about income bracket which is a big key factor or asked about necessity buying such as groceries, and needed home stuff. After the test was over it showed 3 Debt consolidation companies. I don't use them for one thing they ask for a percentage of payment. I tried to use the free non profit one a few years back but it just didnt work out. Then you get at least one person who is mean to you. They just don't take in the fact that uncontrollable situations happen. Like the loss of a child, or medical bills of a termanil ill family member. Now I am not saying this is m and my family but there are families that are living with this.

I would love to have a Debt free life. and I hope one day it will get to that point. Everyone deserves debt relief in their life. I do suggest that everyone take the quiz, because it does ask some really big questions. It's always worth a shot to find out about Debt help and ways to start digging yourself out of it. Help is always great even if it is to point out the obvious that we sometimes forget about ;)


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debt consolidation companies said...

You can always negotiate your terms with debt consolidation companies but its best to consider all your options before taking the plunge. Thanks for the info!