Friday, March 27, 2009

Life on the upside

Things are going ok for us. We have been busy busy busy, almost nonstop action here. As of late my days start at 4:30 am (central time) and end when ever I collapse usually around tenish sometimes sooner.
I spend my mornings deleting spam, drinking coffee and promoting my websites. By 6:45 am i am getting the kids up and ready for school. By the time I get home I delete more spam answer some real e-mails then off filling orders or creating something new.
As of right now I have a OOAK Corset, A no boning bodice on the cutting table to be sewn. I have 22 candles and 3 bars of soap to make (not including my mom's order!).
Get the kids by 3:15 home by nearly 4pm then the real chaos starts for a few hours.
Snacks, Running around, dinner, baths, story and bed time. Its really busy until they fall asleep. Then I go and finish as much as I can (answer e-mails or work). I don't watch T.V anymore I dont read the paper, I bearly catch headlines on line about whats going on.
Then I get a phone call that ticks me off. Have you ever had one of those? I dont mean tellemarketers or the autamated messages. This is from a family member that is letting you know that your dad is being a jerk. Which isnt anything new to me, but I really wish it would just stop. So it looks like I will be cutting ties with him again, becuse i just dont have enugh space for double crossing jerks. My kids need me and I just dont think it would be fair if they see me always upset.
Well my son's next MRI appointment is in May lets hope he will be able to do this one. The other appointment we had to reschuduale becuse he was ill to oftain and to quikly.
Heres to crazy parents that think we dont listen!