Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't Let Your Books Fall Apart- Bind Them!

For a first-time book binder, the possibilities are endless in terms of materials, styles and one can let your creative imagination run wild. One is always on the look out for places where the best book binding materials are available at the best rates to suit your requirements. There are some places where you would get what you need regardless of your budget constraints. All you need is a little inclination towards some craft work, time, and a whole lot of imagination and you are on your way to book binding. The possibilities are endless and the materials you can use can range from simple stickers to decoupage to paper mache, painting, and well, you get the general idea!

If you are into decorative things then the local craft shop will have a lot of things you use imaginatively. Ensure that the binding you have done is durable and strong and then add the finishing touches to give it that special feel. From actual binding material to leather to little decorative pieces, all are normally found at the craft store. The book store is another good place to look around in. there are books galore especially the 'how to' books on book binding and decoration to help you though the binding process and ensure your job looks professional. Some known titles in this series are John Ashman's Bookbinding: A Beginner's Manual, Manly Banister's The Craft of Bookbinding and Bookbinding and the Care of Books written by Douglas Cockrell. Your library may also stock books of this genre and you may not have to buy them unless you are a collector of books.

Print shops and local copy supply stores are other places where you can get book binding material. Office supply stores also cater to this type of clientele and a good idea would be to get in touch with the local publishing companies where you may get some discounts, tips on how to bind books and what points to keep in mind to avoid going wrong, material for various types of book binding or maybe they just might do the job for you at reduced rates.

The Internet is without question the most logical place to find this kind of information. Here you would get addresses and prices and also a list of things that you may need. Order online or else go to the concerned store and you know what exactly to buy and how much it is going to cost you. Things like binding needles, normally priced between $7-$13, and other types of specific binding equipment is available on the net. You can get ideas for maybe a renaissance look or a Gothic look, explore new ways, ideas, and methods for that exclusive look that you would like. After your first successful venture, you just may get bitten by the bookbinding bug and who knows, there go all your albums, journals, school memorabilia all into fantastic covers and preserved for posterity. You may even branch out to giving self bound books as gifts to your friends. The sky is really the limit. Happy binding.