Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Adventures in Scouting, Knitting, and Gardning

Eek I can't believe its been 2 months since I updated this blog! Geez I bet you been wondering if I forgot about it. Well almost been trying to finish up stuff and arrange things. New school year and all.
Knitting: Been knitting up some interesting creatures you will just have to wait until I post the contest on The Sacred Oak Blog! Been knitting Fingerless Mittens from kids sizes to Adults So look out for those as well!

Scouting: Still waiting for my background check to come in But I have confidence I will be able to be a Daisy Scout Leader. My Books and Teaching DVDs will be in soon! Yep gotta love the option of doing it at home with a busy life. Sure bets spending a weekend with other women, not that i wouldn't welcome the chance to socialize, but I have no intreast really in listing to catty women they make me nervous. Not saying that we are all like that but New people always make me nervous especially the way so called friends have treated me over the years.

Gardning: It died the darn grass took over and killed everything. Yes I tilled, pulled, racked, lined the garden but that stupid sod grass just consumed it. I hate grass truly i do I rather have clover for a lawn!

Halloween Decorating time! yep thats right We are so getting ready for Halloween early this year! Might have one huge party at the end of October! Lets see 2 kids in school, Daisy scouts troop, and not to mention it will be our 10th wedding anniversary yep it might be the best night ever! So plan to do up the house in Haunted style. Screaming kids, creepy music fog machines editable body parts who could ask for more! Makes my brain all excited! Which reminds me I need a new table cloth!

What are your plans?


mrsb said...

I've been sooo trying to hold out until at least Oct. 1 to start my Halloween decorating. I think I will be starting sooner though, lol! I just can't stand waiting anymore!

I was a Daisy leader! It's such a great age to lead!

On the garden end, you should try square foot gardening. It's all done in raised beds that are super simple to make, and you never have to worry about grass or weeds. If you make your own compost, you don't even have to worry about fertilizing! The best and easiest way we've ever found.