Friday, June 18, 2010

Stumbling along

Well I have been super busy since the last 3 weeks of the kids school. Witch ended on the 3rd. Today I am getting ready for Litha celebration Yay midsummer is here and boy we can feel it. Been super hot, muggy and plain miserable.
Things have been finically tight for us lately ugh so horrid, but I know things will go up from here. It has to.
Property hunting is at a dead end, its just not going to happen. The bank took 2 seconds on there decision. Oh well, maybe in a year we can. I just hate spending $500.00 a month on a place that is falling apart and the Landlord wont do anything. They said they plan to fix everything when we move out. Yea right like how can we move? Bla just stressed. I would give my Pinky finger for some property right now, I can build me a home!
I have like 5 videos to edit, make stuff for the shop (hope we can sale it stuff soon!) and try to keep the kids from killing each other.
They are fighting fiercely this summer. The oldest keeps asking e something every 2 minutes, I can bearly think sometimes. When the day is done I fall fast asleep and wake up exhausted.
Love them but geez give me 5 minutes to answer your question.
Okay feel somewhat better off to clean, decorate (which daughter is helping with, lets see how long this keeps her attention), and get ready for visitors.
Have a great weekend everyone!