Monday, October 24, 2011


After Years of paying my rent on time, and following the LandLords rules such as : No Pets, No repairs, and Mow the yard ourselves.
We had been hit with Hard Times it started back in August. We struggled with paying our bills after the hubbys truck broke down. Then it disappears and took the police a week to let us know what happened to it. At first they had no record of any officer calling in the tow, then they found the order. After finding out which yard it was in and how much it would cost to get it out it broke us. We told the land lord and provided it in writing he responded in writing that it was okay.
We gave him what little we could until we couldnt any more. We let him know in copies and in writing everything and why we had nothing for rent.
He then shows up a day after receiving our letter and verbally tells us we have a week to get out and then hands us two yahoo calendar print outs with hand scratched numbers on the bottom of one of the pages.
A week did not pass when he calls to tell us we have 24 hours to leave. That was on this past week he called.
Today while doing the dishes a cop car pulls up, actually The Sharif.
He delivers a summons papers. Apparently he is suing us now. We have to be in court on Nov. 1st. I have no court clothes or anything to buy court cloths with. Most money I earn on the side from the shop lately has been going straight to the groceries.
The past 4 years these are the things we put up with from him:
Late responses on broken items such as the Water Heater that took him a week to replace the whole time Water pouring everywhere in the bathroom. The tub is now falling through the floor.
The Ac has never been fixed it ours water all the time the bedroom closet which hubby and I use has Black Mold damage from it.
Broken window in the front door.
We have had on and off issues with mice when he Mows the vacant Lot behind the property he said he would get an exterminator, that was 2 years ago I am still waiting.
When the fridge broke I called him (its his fridge) he never answered I had little time to wait on him I called a repair service and took it out of rent and sent a copy of the repair slip. He called screaming at me for going behind his back, which I did not.
The Front Water Hose spicket had a constant leek we asked him to get it fixed, He Capped it that was his fix. After a few months the pipes bursted and spewed water our water bill went to 200.00 a month. This was the same time that our Truck Incident happend. He came out and fixed it. We shoed him the water bill and said we are not going to be able to pay rent. As Is we were paying half the bills every pay check which was leaving us 20 bucks for grocries. He didnt say anything. We sent copies of the water bill to him with a letter and a list of many things that still needed to be fixed.
The Front door does not close we have to use a jerry rig to keep it closed. When the wind blows it moves and allows the mosquitos and other insects to come in. We got an estaminet on how much it would cost to fix and it would be cheaper to move out. I wish I had the money to just pick up and move out.
As is it would cost us well over 2,000.00 to move out this includes finding a temp place.
Did I mentioned our lease was good for only one year? It expired after the first year we were here. We wrote and asked for a new lease with every payment his reply "Dont worry about it".
I do not work I stay home so that the School as an emergency contact for our two kids. Our Son gets SSI and is Autistic. My hubby has been recently diagnosed with COPD and has High blood pressure. He has gone without his medicine for nearly 4 months.
NOw back in Late August he gets scratched with a needle at work, he works in environmental services and makes just above 9.00 and hour. Its not a bad job but it aint swell either. They have no clue if the needle was dirty or not so now he has to get a shot for Hep B every two months and gets tested for HIV all on the hospital. Its still stressful.
I am seeking Legal Aid Rep but I so needed to vent, its just so frustrating. Maybe we were in the wrong and deserve this. I don't know anymore. I havent been sleeping well. IF things dont do a 180 within a day or two (Can we say big fat miracle) then we will really be in trouble. Not looking for a pity party I just needed to vent out some. I know everyone here is also going through there own issues. I just needed to let it out.


Unknown said...

I came across this post tonight and my heart aches for you guys. I'ms so sorry that it all hit you so hard and at the same time. I pray that everything is soming together and that there is peace within your family!

Anonymous said...
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