Saturday, January 26, 2008

Author Lisa Logan

For the last few days I have had the greatest pleasure of conversing with an author by the name of Lisa Logan. She is a very kind person. She has taken the time to talk about her writings and a little about herself. To talk with a published author has always been one of my goals.
Lisa Logan's Current book list of finished works:

  • Visions (Paranormal Romance/Mystery)
  • Twist of Fate (Anthology)
  • Twisted Fairy Tales (Anthology)
  • Paranormal Bedtime Stories (Anthology)
  • Misadventures of Moms (Anthology)
  • Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul: Daily Inspirations (Daily Journal)
Next Book, Coming April 2008:
  • A Grand Seduction (Contemporary Women's Fiction)
Finished works under consideration by publishers:
  • Twelve Steps to Murder (Murder Mystery)
  • Suite Seduction (Novella)
In Progress Works:
  • Immoral Magic (Paranormal/Romance; Book 1 of a Trilogy)
  • The Wiccaning (Paranormal/Romance)
Lisa took a few minuets to answer one of my questions for her.

Q: What is it like when you finally finish a book?

A: To answer your question, finishing a book is an amazing sense of accomplishment, though I find an even bigger thrill comes during those times that the writing is flowing and going well, or when my characters do something shocking (and better than what I had planned). With that comes a true writer's high--that and acceptance letters from publishers, of course! Admittedly, when I finish a book there is a bit of reluctance to leave characters and settings that I've gotten to know during the course of writing--they become like comfortable friends. Of course, then there is the revision (and re-revision) process, so I do get to visit with these "friends" again.

Q: What Current books are you working on?

A: Current books I'm working on:
I recently completed IMMORAL MAGIC, a paranormal romance that is part 1 of a witch/vampire trilogy. Dream is a lonely young witch who decides to cast a love spell. Grant is the new hunk in town, a farmer with big dreams and simple beliefs. When he falls victim to magical seduction, he does his best to cast aside feelings he attributes to nothing more than her deceitful conjure. When darkness in the form of a virile, scheming vampire comes to claim the witch as his own, Grant has to decide once and for all whether he can turn his back on the greatest magic on

I'm currently writing THE WICCANING, a romance I'm very excited about। Justine, a "good' Christian girl, falls into sin with an intriguingly sensual man during a moment of lonely weakness. To her shock she discovers Rion is a witch; worse, not long after she sends him packing she learns that she is pregnant--against doctor's advice. Fearing the punishment for her sin will be yet another in a string of miscarriages that ended her marriage, Justine discovers a curse may be responsible. When her own flagging, yet firmly entrenched beliefs fail to offer a way out, she decides that the only way to fight fire with fire is to become the last thing a "good" Christian girl ever dared imagine.

Q: What advice do you have for young writers out there (or young at heart)?

A: There's a common adage that says, "Write what you know." I disagree. I say, "Write what you love" or "Write what inspires." Do take time to learn the craft if you're planning to get published, but don't be afraid to take chances on something unconventional if you're truly passionate about it. For in my definition, a successful writer is not necessarily someone who makes the bestseller list, but rather someone who enjoys the thrill of each journey they take through their stories--whether they get published or not.

Lisa is also the editor of Minute Mystery, a free quarterly flash fiction ezine , and is the founder of The Green Writing Challenge, I signed up have you?
You can find Interviews about her at the fallowing sites and Mouth Full of Bullets. You can also stop by her website for more updated information, to shop at her gift shop and to cheek out where her next book signing will be at.

This blog post was done with Lisa Logan's permission. Images and information was obtained from her.