Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Since valentines day its been chaos here. The hubbys Social network he was involved with (RFN) has split because of failure to communicate between its owners and web support. So the owners have decided to do their own thing. Personally I wont be involved with either. RFN was neet still in the test phase had some issues but it was ok. Then all their whinnying and making the staff members pick which network to be on. They wont allow the staff members to be staff on both pages. Either way too much crap and drama for my taste. I will be closing my RFN account and taking all related banners off my sites.
Our sun is on the waiting list to be tested for autism yay finally some head way. Bad thing is his Nero is stating that he is mentally retarded instead of exploring other possibilities first. Sometime i really dislike closed minded people, I like to eliminate the other possibilities before saying he is or inst. At least pin point what is wrong and find a way to work with it. Sometimes stubborn people are a good thing ;)
Sewing projects well I am almost done with my Corset All i need to do is put the bias on it. If the weather stays great I will have pics this weekend. The ground should be dry enough for us all to go outside by then. I am taking apart some Chinese style tops and cutting out corsets from them, these will be my One of A kind since I only have 1 of each color. I think I will make them into under bust corsets I might be able to get 2 out of the shirts that way. For full body length i can only get 1 and choosing a size is hard. especially when the only available modal is about a size 18! if anything they will be reference pics of the corset styles.
Website updates: I finally updating the shop website yay only 1/4th done. So much to do, More pages to make and such. Its been really time consuming. Once the sacred oaks website is done then it will be TheCupwas Turn! that one might take me a month to do!