Saturday, February 6, 2010

Adventures in Eating out

When I went to pick up the kids from school, My oldest started asking if we were going out to eat. I said  "No, we are going home where dad is." she started the tear factory.Thendeclaredd "Okay you ask daddy while I stay in the car with Owen." Took me by surprise but I recovered quickly "Why don't you ask Dad?". Silence pure silence for about 2 minutes "No way, do you think I am crazy?" Cutos to the 5 year old! "No I don't think you are crazy, But since it is your idea maybe you should be the one to excite it?" She laughed at me I was serious lol.

So we get home and for 2-3 hours non stop "Are we going out to eat?" "I don't wan't to eat here" So we finally caved and went out. We get there, the place is packed of course it is, it's friday night. Lots of people from the movies were there they said all the showing of all the movies were sold out. We get our table order the kids food and our drinks. Hubby ad I take forever on ordering our stuff. That way kids chomp down sooner. Well Our daughter wasn't eating. She was fidgety, she kept saying she was cold. I should have known by the time we got home I noticed she was quite, which isn't like her. She has what I call diarrhea of the mouth, she doesn't stop talking. Yep she's sick with fever. All stopped up with a sore throughout. I just hope it isn't strep.

While we were eating there was a group of 5 people with kids over at a table near us. What was funny was what one of the kids said "tra lala i need to potty" it was the musical tune he used it was funny. at least he said he needed to go. Cutos to the creativity of needing to potty!


Sera said...

All that hype and she turned out not to eat it anyway. I hope she feels better soon. Was she disappointed that she went out and then didn't eat, or was she too sick too care?

Willow Forrestall said...

Sera: She was too sick to care. Shes feeling better now still slightly feverish but she is eating.